Proper use of water is essential to industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. Millions of dollars are tied up in equipment for power generation, heating, and cooling. Many have critical lab spaces where years of work can be lost and millions wasted if the lab environment is not controlled properly. Proper water treatment is essential as these assets can be destroyed or use more energy at a minimum without proper water treatment. Additionally, reductions in water usage and energy are now being expected to receive operational investments. 

This is where Ilaria Water Consulting Services can help.

 With considerable experience with water use in these systems, many large university and pharmaceutical production facilities are already working with Ilaria Water to protect their assets and use power efficiently. Water treatment comes down to ability and trust of a local rep, as customers cannot see what is happening sometimes until it is too late.

With over 45 years' experience in all aspects of water treatment and water conservation, Ilaria Water Consulting provides expertise in all aspects of industrial water treatment for HVAC and steam generation.

We prioritize finding the best total solution, not product, for our client. 

Contact Information:

Phone: (603) 490-6357


Optimization of water treatment chemical programs

Design of water treatment chemical feed systems

Review of heat transfer efficiency and operation

Reducing water usage without jeopardizing performance

Bid preparation

Review and optimization of pure water systems

Review and optimization of waste water systems

Training of operators and water treatment professionals